Can Food Contribute to Blood Pressure Issues?

blood pressure

blood pressure

There is a lot of information informing you on the various ways to lower your blood pressure through eating healthy foods. But how about foods which can contribute to your high blood pressure issues? There are some foods that can raise your blood pressure as a result of the methods involved in processing or even naturally. Some foods can increase the blood pressure immediately after you eat them while others may lead to more gradual effects.

The good thing is that high blood pressure is a treatable disease. With some significant modifications in your diet, you can prevent the adverse health effects of hypertension. Check out these foods that should be at the top of your “foods to avoid” list if you want to control high blood pressure.

Sugarno sugar

Are you aware that high sugar intake is linked to hypertension? By now you already know that excessive consumption of sugar will result in weight gain and obesity. Sugar-sweetened drinks are contributing to increased cases of obesity in people of all ages. As you know, individuals who are overweight have a high-risk factor for hypertension.

Canned soups

You might like them because of their easy nature to prepare especially when you are sick or when in a hurry. But these canned soups have high amounts of sodium which are harmful to your blood pressure levels. Some broths can have about 890 mg of sodium per serving which is about one-half cup.

Bottled or canned tomato products

It is a proven fact that tomato products will bring problems to your high blood pressure. The reason behind it is that canned tomato sauces, tomato juices, and pasta sauces have high amounts of sodium. For example, a half-cup serving of a marinara sauce has about 450 mg of sodium while tomato juice has 650 mg. But there are available versions of these which have reduced sodium. Therefore if you are hoping to your hypertension down, it will be a smart choice if you go for those alternative options.

Frozen pizzasavoid pizza

If you are trying to watch your sodium intake, then it is better if you avoid all pizzas altogether [1]. That combination of bread, cured meats, tomato sauce and cheese all add up to a high amount of sodium. More than anything avoid the frozen pizzas at all cost because they are very dangerous to individuals who have high blood pressure.

Manufacturers will add a lot of salt so as to maintain the flavor in the pizza once it has been cooked and packaged. One-sixth of the frozen pizza can have about 1000 mg of sodium, at other times even more because of the thicker the crust and more toppings on your pizza the higher you climb in sodium levels.

Packaged foods and chicken skinavoid junk food

If you have hypertension, you should also avoid saturated and Trans fats. Therefore avoid foods such as chicken skin, red meat and butter which are high in saturated fat. You can find Trans fats in fatty meats and dairy products although in small amounts. Trans fats form in a process called hydrogenation where liquid oil turns into solid oil by infusing air into it. But the biggest contributing factor of Trans fats is prepared and packaged foods. Packaged foods have hydrogenated oils so as to increase their shelf life and stability. Too much saturated fats raise a bad cholesterol or LDL which in turn worsens your hypertension [3]. It can even lead to developing a coronary disease.

Alcoholavoid alcohol

Excessive consumption of alcohol can result in high blood pressure. As a matter of fact, even three drinks in a sitting may give rise to a temporary spike in your blood pressure while repeated alcohol consumption can cause long-term effects of blood pressure [2]. It is full of calories which can contribute to gaining weight and people who are overweight are likely to have hypertension. Aside from causing high blood pressure, alcohol can also interfere with the hypertension medications that you are taking.

Deli meat

Processed deli meats are often cured and preserved with salt. A serving can have about 600 milligrams of sodium at times even a lot than that. Add bread, pickles and cheese, and the sandwich becomes a real sodium bomb.

Chinese foodavoid salty food

Yes, it is true that we all enjoy the large, delicious foods from Chinese restaurants, but did you ever stop to ask yourself what makes their food taste that good? That is because it is full of sodium. The amount of salt load in Chinese foods have a potential to raise your blood pressure.

Looking at the foods above you will notice that salt, processed meat, Chinese foods and frozen pizza are the worst foods that can cause your blood pressure to spike. Reducing sodium intake is a smart option to having your blood pressure under control.




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